Career Path : LANDSCAPER 1

The Landscaper 1 must know and gain proficiency in performing regular tasks of landscape installation/construction.


  • Meet all requirements of Landscape Novice job description.
  • Maintain physical fitness level necessary to complete assigned job tasks.
  • Comply with all company policies/procedures and safety requirements.
  • Conscientious of safety procedures for company employees on the job site.
  • Report all unsafe conditions and practices to daily leader or foreman.
  • Proper care of tools/equipment on job site to avoid loss or misuse.
  • Manage "Landscape Novice" employees under supervision of foreman.
  • Continuing education - minimum of 12hrs./yr (8/hr in-house training, 4/hr outside source).


  • Basic drainage installation (down spout drain/ catch basin) under supervision of foreman.
  • Project demolition.
  • Basic tractor operation/inspection/maintenance.
  • Lateral irrigation lines construction/installation under supervision of foreman.
  • Basic dry stack stone wall construction.
  • Basic dry set flagstone work.
  • Assist with lawn area grading/ sod installation.
  • Assist w/ planting and develop advanced planting skills.
  • Drip line/ emitter layout and install under supervision of foreman.
  • Mulch installation incl. detailing around plants.
  • Assist with daily worksheets.
  • Proficient use of rototiller and other basic machinery.
  • Check fluid levels and monitor safe operation of equipment used.
  • Basic low voltage landscape lighting installation.
  • Basic dry set brick work.


  • proficient, safe, proper use of equipment and tools as specified.
  • proper and safe skills in demolition work.
  • proper installation of basic drainage systems, irrigation trenching and laterals, plant material.
  • drip system laterals and emitters, and mulching.
  • adhere to company policies, standards and safety guidelines.
  • able to work with other employees as a team.
  • able to meet or exceed company production rates set forth.


  • this position reports directly to the foreman.

wage base

  • base wage x 1.25

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