General Membership Meeting

9-11 a.m., November 9, 2018

All members are invited. President Aaron Huxley will update attendees on the state of the association, and then open the floor to questions and input from members of the audience. Elections and consideration of bylaws will follow.


Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa
1775 East Mission Bay Drive
San Diego, California 92109


- Call to Order

- Roll Call

- Approval of Minutes

- Public Comment

- Year-End Reports

- Approval of Annual Plan

- Bylaws (Proposed amendments may be found here.)

- Election of Officers & Directors (Statements from candidates are posted here.)

- Candidate for President: Elizabeth Burns

- Candidate for President Elect: Regan Barry

- Candidate for Secretary / Treasurer: Andew Simpson

- Candidate for Director of Events: Dan Dvorak

- Candidate for Director of Resource Management: Paul Hansen

- Adjourn

If you would like to attend the General Membership Meeting, but are unable to attend the convention, please contact Micheyl Barnett at CLCA HQ [(916) 830-2780] to register.