The California Landscape Contractors Association seeks immigration reform that establishes an abundant workforce, secures our borders and ensures America's economic growth.

A Letter from CLCA President Steve Jacobs

Dear Green Industry Professional,

Several years ago we began telling “the other side of the story” to Congress regarding our present immigration laws and their overall effect on our nation's economy. We did so because our lawmakers were mostly hearing from people who just wanted to seal the borders and deport the estimated 12 million undocumented workers.

The landscape industry, like many other service industries, depends on foreign workers to narrow the expanding gap between our staffing needs and the labor market. Even during times of high unemployment, American workers are seldom interested in performing the manual labor that is part and parcel of the landscape trade. Our present guest-worker program is a step in the right direction, but it’s nowhere near adequate to support the real labor needs of our country. Only a few thousand visas are granted each year for H2B workers, while the actual need for “essential workers” is in the millions.

CLCA supports a solution to the labor problem that addresses three key areas:

  1. Securing our borders and effectively verifying employment eligibility;
  2. Establishing a path to legalization for undocumented workers who are already in this country; and
  3. Providing for a future flow of temporary workers to meet the needs of America’s economic growth

CLCA needs your help. We are asking business owners like you to get involved in the fight for sensible, comprehensive immigration reform. Doing so will add your voice to the message our nation’s Capitol needs to hear – that NOW is the time to fix our broken immigration system so the nation can continue its economic prosperity.

Make your voice heard in Washington. Your voice counts! You can make the difference!

Do your part to help your current employees and impact your future profitability … today!

Steve Jacobs, 2016 President
California Landscape Contractors Association

Make your voice heard in Congress!

The fight for comprehensive immigration reform continues. Our elected representatives in the House and Senate need to know the WHOLE story. To date, they've heard mostly from those who would rather just deport undocumented workers without regard to the devastating impact that would have on our nation.

This issue directly impacts the landscape industry. Our present immigration system is dysfunctional. Your company's future depends on whether and how Congress acts.

It's time for Congress to solve the problem.

And it’s imperative that you contact your Congressmembers and urge them to support a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Congress responds to public opinion. The respectful input from even a few citizens can lead to great changes.