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CLCA Offers Workshops To Help You
Master New Opportunities In Water Efficiency

February 2, 2018

CLCA Offers Workshops To Help You <br>Master New Opportunities In Water Efficiency

This is landscape training that focuses on mastering the basic elements of water efficient landscaping for new California landscapes. As more outdoor California building ordinances are imposed on new landscapes and the landscape industry, this training focuses on creating and maintaining water efficient landscapes. The workshop is designed for landscape designers, landscape architects, landscape contractors that specialize in installation and maintenance. Municipal water conservation personnel may discover it useful as well. We will cover all the essential elements to help you comply with the MWELO, design, build and maintain healthy, water efficient landscapes for California’s “new normal”.

These workshops will offer CEUs for your current certifications, provide you with a participation certificate and attendees will:

  • Receive Basic Knowledge of California's Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (MWELO)
  • Receive Knowledge of MWELO's Most Important Elements
  • Have an Understanding of Soil, Irrigation, Water Budgeting and Plant Relationships
  • Have an Understanding of Overall Water Efficient Landscape Best Management Practice (BMPs)
  • Participate in an Interactive Landscape Water Budgeting Exercise
  • Participate in a Question and Answer Session with Proven Industry Experts

Upcoming Workshops
We are currently coordinating future dates and locations.
We will post events once they are available.