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President's Message: Welcome To 2018!

January 24, 2018

President's Message: Welcome To 2018!

Wow, what an outstanding year! If you are like me, this is the time of year that I sit back and reflect on the previous year. It’s the time of year that I look ahead and set goals for what I would like to accomplish in the next 12 months. One of my greatest accomplishments in 2017 is to have earned your vote in becoming your 2018 State President. CLCA has always been there for me in the good times but definitely in the rougher of times. The friendships that we create along the way in CLCA are those that will stay with us for a life time.

I want to say a special thank you to the 2017 Board of Directors and all of those boards that came before us as they have led this organization to great success. Huge thanks to our unbelievable CLCA staff! Without their tireless support, I know without a doubt that we would not be the organization that we are today. A special thank you to all of our CLCA members; our organization is built by our members for our members.

As part of my reflection, I’ve been thinking “WHY?” Specifically, why do we do what we do?

What is your “WHY”?

We all have our own “WHYs?” Why are we part of CLCA? As you each think of this question, I know the answers will vary. My why? To help others become successful in this industry. When I first started fulltime in the industry in 1998, CLCA was a means to get better insurance rates for my family’s landscape company. It wasn’t until I became heavily involved with a leader in the landscape industry in 2005 that I realized CLCA was about connections, friendships, learnings and much more. As I reflect on my experience with CLCA, I’ve come to realize that that I truly enjoy the opportunity to work and help so many people in this wonderful industry. As we continue to grow and build our association, I think it is important to know CLCA’s “WHYs?”

CLCA Mission Statement (CLCA’S “WHY”)

CLCA's mission is to serve and protect the interests of its members, promote professionalism, and advance public awareness of the landscape industry.

As I travel to different State and Chapter events, I would love to hear what your “why” is.

I look forward to another great year with CLCA and serving as your President!


Aaron L. Huxley, 2018 CLCA President