Water Savings to Grow with New Association Partnership

March 14, 2016

California Association of Community Managers and California Landscape Contractors Association See Big Potential in New Program

The California Landscape Contractors Association is proud to announce that it has entered in to a formal partnership with the California Association of Community Managers, Inc. to provide landscape water management education to their members.

The two associations will offer a new landscape water management certificate course providing community managers the tools to work with their associations’ landscape maintenance provider to create more water efficiency for their homeowners. Community managers will also learn about new irrigation water efficient technology, water budgeting, tiered water agency rates and California landscape ordinances focused on water efficiency. The water management curriculum will be developed by CLCA Certified Water Managers in conjunction with community managers and local water agencies. The first trainings are scheduled in Concord on April 28, 2016 and Laguna Hills on May 12, 2016.

In addition to certificate trainings, the partnership will include a co-branding of CLCA’s Landscape Water Conferences. The conferences, held in Northern and Southern California, create a forum to discuss water efficiency with local landscape contractors, community managers, commercial building owners and water agency providers. They provide the latest water efficiency industry information, trends and updates for those managing large landscape properties. This year’s Landscape Water Conferences will be held this summer in Pleasant Hill (Bay Area Landscape Water Conference) and in Southern California (Southern California Landscape Water Conference).

“We feel the addition of CACM will provide these conferences with a larger audience with a stake in water efficiency in California. We look forward to these annual events. We are excited about having a larger reach for our message promoting and educating on smart water usage and having participants use that knowledge to conserve water in their communities,” says Sandra Giarde, CLCA Executive Director.

“CACM is excited about the partnership! We feel this extra education is empowering for our members and much needed in a state so focused on drought and water efficiency at the moment,” says David Zepponi, CACM’s President & CEO.

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