Irrigation Auditing Component

As of March 2010, CLCA’s Water Management Program has added a third component, an irrigation audit, to its previous certification requirements.

The irrigation audit component is defined as a submitted irrigation audit (catch can test) an irrigation audit (catch can test) done in a classroom setting in conjunction with WaterSense training.

Current certified, expert certified and all other performance participants will be required to complete this additional irrigation audit component as part of their certification requirements and to become eligible to become a WaterSense Partner. If you are already an EPA WaterSense Partner, you are still required to complete the irrigation audit component as part of the CLCA Water Management Certification Program.

Obtaining a certification by a WaterSense Certifying Organization opens the door for new business opportunities. By completing your certification, CLCA will forward your name and information to EPA WaterSense for their online database of individuals.

New Subjects to be covered:

  • Definition of an Irrigation Audit
  • Irrigation Audit Basics
  • Precipitation Rate (PR)
  • Distribution Uniformity (DU)
  • Low Quarter Distribution Uniformity (DUIq)
  • Irrigation System Audit Process
  • Running a Field Test
  • Collecting Field Testing Data
  • Performing Critical Field Calculations
  • Programming Irrigation System
  • Low Quarter


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