Regular Members of the Year

Alex Salazar Named 2022 Member of the Year

The California Landscape Contractors Association named Alex Salazar its 2022 Regular Member of the Year, honoring his professionalism and leadership.

The award, which is given annually to a contractor member who is involved with a significant project or accomplishment during the current year, was presented during the association’s annual Leadership Conference, which has held in Sacramento January 24-25, 2023.

Alex is the Business Development Manager for Southern California’s family-owned Groundcare Landscape Company. In 2022, he served on the Ways & Means Committee and as CLCA’s Secretary/Treasurer. He has served as president for the Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley Chapter, and his company is active in three chapters: Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley and Kern County.

While presenting the award, CLCA President Evan Moffitt praised Alex for his tremendous leadership on both the state and chapter level. Quoting those who nominated him for the recognition, Evan said that fellow members have recognized Alex as ”a detailed, dedicated, and diligent volunteer leader. His wisdom and expertise were appreciated during the Ways & Means work in 2022 and his work as the state treasurer. The board can consistently expect active participation and engaged care from him.”

“He has gone far above and beyond to support the CLCA at both the state and local level,” he said.

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