Trophy Awards Ceremony: Move Over Sliced Bread!

Trophy Award 2020 web header

Naysayers were concerned that CLCA’s first-ever virtual awards ceremony would be just another boring Zoom meeting, highlighted by entertaining short, furry “co-workers” and little else.

Boy, were they wrong!

How amazing was CLCA’s first-ever virtual awards ceremony?

It rocked!

Take a bow, CLCA Events Committee, staff members, judges Brad Fowles and Jay Tripathi and creator Bronwyn Miller!

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a small sample of what attendees had to say:

“The Trophy Awards show was amazing and really fun! What great presentations! I’m still excited about it – we won the Special Effects category! We are grateful to the CLCA for the opportunity, and would like to send warm wishes of congratulations to all the entrants!”

– Shannon Bryan-Ruggiero, Arcadian Gardens

“Well done folks! Moved along in a timely basis, had nice little breaks with the contest and the videos and photos really helped make it feel real. Nice job to all – kudos!”

– Lebo Newman, Chief Wizard, Liberty Enterprises

“This was one of the best run awards ceremonies. Thank you for putting on such a marvelous virtual event. Job well done!”

– Kenneth Lee Coverdell, Blue Sky Designs, Inc.

“I wasn’t sure how the show was going to go on when COVID canceled our Hawaii trip. The entire CLCA team did a fantastic job of bringing the virtual presentation to life!”

– Justin White, K&D Landscaping, Inc.

“We loved it! It was wonderful! We even clapped for the winners!”

– Mary & Barry Cohen, CLCA All Stars

“I want to congratulate everyone who worked on the Trophy Awards broadcast. It was great! I loved the music and the way it was organized. It was a pleasure to watch! Awesome job!”

– Connie Salinas, North Coast Chapter Administrator

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But Wait, There’s More …

CLCA’s 2020 Trophy Awards ceremony not only featured the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat and the excellence of California landscaping, but also included prizes!

Trophy Award Party Box

Attendees were mailed a party box to enliven their celebration.


In addition to a cocktail kit, a cookie and treats provided by CLCA’s amazing partners, the party box featured exclusive Trophy Awards party socks (seen here being modeled by CLCA past president Chuck Carr). Special thanks to CLCA Insurance Solutions for helping to ensure that all attendees were festively attired.

The party box also included a mystery envelope containing a personalized entry into our “phrase that pays” contest. Big congrats to Damion Rosby with Golden Gate Truck for being our CLCA “phrase that pays” winner! Damion, we hope you enjoy your new iPad!

Congratulations also to Jeff Calhoun of FX Luminaire, who provided the team at CLCA Broadcast Mission Control with the biggest laugh of the evening for his efforts to score a “phrase that pays” winner.

Special thanks to CLCA Insurance Solutions, Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply, Hunter/FX Luminaire, Landscape Contractors Insurance Services and SiteOne for cool party box swag!