Knight of the Garter

The members of the CLCA Auxiliary bestow the honor of Knight of the Garter to a regular or associate member of CLCA who meets some very special criteria. However, there are some who aren’t familiar with the history of this honorable title and aren’t quite sure what the criteria is!

The Order of the Garter is the highest and oldest order of knighthood in Great Britain. It was founded in 1349 by King Edward III of England. According to legend, King Edward was dancing with the Countess of Salisbury at a great court ball. During the dance, the Countess lost her garter. As the king nobly picked it up to hand it to her, he saw several smile and heard remarks. The king became very angry at these reactions and he exclaimed, “Shame be to him who thinks evil of it.” Then he added that he would make the garter “so glorious that everyone would wish to wear it.”

The Auxiliary has bestowed this prestigious award since 1958 with a great deal of respect, admiration, and love to a list of men who have epitomized the true meaning of the Knight of the Garter.

The modern day definition of the “knight” is a champion. He is a man devoted to the service of a woman or a cause.

As a result, the Knight of the Garter is a person who is a noble gentleman. He is courteous, well-mannered, kind and is always willing to help when needed. The Knight of the Garter is also presented with a garter to be worn at the CLCA functions on the left leg below the knee.

The Auxiliary is proud to present a full listing of these Knights below.


2015 Sir Chris McNairy
2011 Sir Rick Camin
2007 Sir Michael Hertzer
2006 Sir Edward L. Wallace
2005 Sir Henry Buder
2004 Sir Jon Singley
2003 Sir Richard Angelo
2002 Sir Girvin Peters
2001 Sir Lebo Newman
2000 Sir Peter Estournes
1999 Sir Jay Tripathi
1998 Sir Frank Dell
1997 Sir Charles Nunley
1996 Sir Randy Tavenner
1995 Sir Fred Hanker
1994 Sir John Redmond, Jr.
1993 Sir Paul Shogren
1992 Sir Robert L. Crudup, Jr.
1991 Sir Carl Kono
1990 Sir Roger Fiske
1989 Sir Barry Cohen
1988 Sir Efraim Donitz
1987 Sir Mickey Strauss
1986 Sir Tom Yanase
1985 Sir Tim Nord
1984 Sir Warren Thurston
1983 Sir John Culbertson
1982 Sir Haruo Yamashiro
1981 Sir Charles Christensen
1980 Sir Ken Gerlack
1979 Sir Nelson Colvin
1978 Sir Chuck Rei
1977 Sir Chuck Rich
1976 Sir Hi Kellogg
1975 Sir Chuck Armstrong
1974 Sir Lee Gentry
1973 Sir Walter Bray
1972 Sir Richard Sanchez
1971 Sir Jere Driscoll
1970 Sir Bert CeDillos
1969 Sir Joe Tanouye
1968 Sir Glenn Martin
1967 Sir Bob Kaplanek
1966 Sir Kenneth Schmidt
1965 Sir Herb Frank
1964 Sir Warren Purdy
1963 Sir Hommer Gillilend
1962 Sir Keith Card
1961 Sir Bill Huebsch
1960 Sir Bill Griffin
1959 Sir Jack Brem
1958 Sir Kenneth Jenner