New Peer Consulting Member Benefit

CLCA Peer Consulting Member Benefit

CLCA’s Peer Consulting member benefit links contractors with questions to colleagues with answers — contractors and green industry professionals who have “been there, built that.”

The Peer Consulting program offers you an efficient, casual avenue to connect with experienced and insightful industry colleagues. CLCA’s peer consultants can help you find solutions, explore new perspectives or weigh next steps.

CLCA’s Peer Consultants are fellow members willing to share with you their experience and green industry acumen!

Using the CLCA Peer Consulting Program is a great way to access the insights that come from years of experience as well as the knowledge of those with expertise in specific subjects.

“I have had a number of very positive experiences regarding peer consulting with fellow CLCA members. Receiving this support has helped me grow my business and be a successful landscape contractor. Having relationships with fellow members has been the biggest value for me as a CLCA member.”

— Steve Jacobs, Nature Designs

How It Works

  • Members seeking assistance can review the categories and consultant profiles.
  • Members can then contact one or more Peer Consultants directly — usually over the phone or via email.
  • CLCA Peer Consultants have self-identified their areas of expertise. Participants are strongly encouraged to carefully consider any advice provided and, as needed, to consult with professional advisors.

About the Consultants

All CLCA Peer Consultants have self-identified their areas of expertise. They have agreed to abide by program guidelines and a non-disclosure agreement that:
  • Encourages them to share their real-world experiences.
  • Guides them to safeguard confidential information provided by other members. This includes, but is not limited to, client names, addresses, contact information and financial data.
  • Calls for them to decline questions outside of their areas of expertise or from members who are competitors.

Legal, HR & Insurance

  • Because many legal, HR and insurance-related issues are governed by frequently changing state and federal laws, those topics are best addressed by the experts at CLCA’s Attorney on Call, HR Hotline and Insurance Solutions member benefits.

What It Isn’t

  • CLCA’s Peer Consulting member benefit is not a long-term mentoring program — it’s designed to provide practical answers and experienced feedback to members with specific questions.
  • CLCA’s Peer Consulting Program is not a sales funnel for consulting services.

Become A Peer Consultant

Why become a CLCA Peer Consultant?
  • To help colleagues.
  • To strengthen the association and promote green industry professionalism.
  • To boost your well being with a rewarding experience — reap the benefits of giving back!