Mastering Model Water Efficient Landscapes (MWEL)

Model Water Efficient Landscape Workshop

CLCA Offers Workshops To Help You Master New Opportunities In Water Efficiency

What role do you play?

Attend this newest MWELO workshop! We’ll take a closer look at different Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance compliance and enforcement roles.

Keep informed and add to your MWELO expertise — gain new information and explore a new approach to understanding the ordinance! Workshop attendees will learn about recent updates and changes to MWELO and have the opportunity to participate in question and answer sessions with subject experts.

Presented in-person, the workshop will offer CEUs for your current certifications and provide you with a participation certificate.

The workshop is free to all those in the Metropolitan Water District area thanks to a generous sponsorship by the Metropolitan Water District.

To take advantage of this offer, you must:

  • Register with CLCA and place a $50 deposit* on the workshop you wish to attend.
  • Attend 90% or more of the workshop.
  • Upon full attendance at the workshop, you will receive your $50 deposit back.

*Your $50 deposit becomes non-refundable if you do not attend the workshop or attend less than 90 percent of the workshop or if you cancel your attendance within seven days before the workshop session date.


Upcoming MWEL Workshops

June 14, 2023
City of Thousand Oaks
Municipal Service Center
Newbury Park, CA