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Drought Recommendations From CLCA 

Landscaping is an important part of any community, not only from the joy it brings, but the quality of life that it provides to humans and other species as well. Plants positively alter our environment, reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, protect the land, provide us food, create oxygen and sustain life. As our climate changes we need to protect our plants, adapt to our changing environment and make choices that benefit us all and preserve our future.

The California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) is pleased to offer some recommendations to help you make smart choices and protect the environment using your area’s mandated water reductions. This advice can help your landscape survive this year’s drought and help you prepare for predicted future water shortages. MORE


Why The California Landscape Contractors Association Wants You To Use Water Wisely

Today, giving your landscape the water it needs — and only the water it needs — is a matter of dollars and sense. Most homeowners know that plants and trees suffer without enough water. But do you know that overwatering can take an even greater toll on your landscape? Soggy, water-soaked soil can prevent air and nutrients from reaching plant roots. It can also invite problems like root rot and other plant diseases that result in serious damage and unwanted replacement costs down the road. Watering too much or too often can also register on your water bill as the costs of treating and pumping water increase all over the state.

Fortunately, significant water savings can be realized by implementing just a few simple practices. The results of these savings can be dramatic. In fact, one recent water district study indicated that if the amount of water wasted in California was reduced by only 10 percent, it could save up to 50 billion gallons a year — the same amount needed to supply the residential needs of a large city. Members of the California Landscape Contractors Association recognize that water is a precious natural resource. This practical guide will help you implement the kind of efficient watering practices that will keep your landscape green and healthy — and save you money, too. MORE


Guidelines On Complying With California Stormwater Regulations For Landscape Contractors

Landscape contractors, as members of the green industry, should have a special connection to water quality. Contractors should know the law, understand the best management practices and how to apply them, know how their operations can contribute pollutants, and be able to manage their activities and employees. Landscape contractors should be proactive, not reactive. Staying in compliance and making a difference doesn’t always mean spending dollars. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having pride in what we do. MORE


Water Management Positions

CLCA’s Board of Directors has updated the association’s positions on landscape water management. MORE