CLCA Today: What You Need to Know — Today

CLCA Today is a daily email containing what you need to know, today, and only today.

Shipped early in the morning, CLCA Today contains the day’s schedule and highlights, as well as a few special surprises.

Our goal is to publish an issue a day during CLCA’s Annual Convention. Afterwards, we’ll delete the email list, so staying informed does not entail a long-term commitment.

Friends and family are invited to receive CLCA Today. Their free subscriptions will automatically expire at the end of the convention.

Everyone points at Megan Rios

Aloha, Friday

The November 5 issue of CLCA Today focuses on Trophy Awards, victory dances and death by coconuts. Added bonus: Thursday was amazing. READ

Largest Banyon treee in United States

Aloha, Thursday

The November 4 issue of CLCA Today focuses on education tours and adventures. Added bonus: The walking tour of the Lahaina Historic District the Banyan Court Park is amazing. READ

Photo by Melikamp, via Wikimedia Commons

FISH, says Ana Cooper

Aloha, Wednesday

The November 3 issue of CLCA Today includes highlights the schedule and the fun-to-play Click Connect. Pro Tip: FISH, says Ana Cooper. See you at the Welcome Reception!  READ

Bonus Issue

The October 22 bonus issue of CLCA Today includes an update on mandatory state of Hawaii travel documents (watch the video — it’s important), a link to download the official convention program (only available electronically), recommendations for the education adventure to Pu’u Mahoe and more! READ