How To Make Money With Your Landscape Business 2020

logo for HTMM program, How To Make Money With Your Landscape Business

In this six-webinar series, gain valuable insight and advice for growing your business.

  • How much money do I need to make?

  • Setting the right price – and getting it!

  • Calculating production and costs.

Episode the First

Plan your business growth, considering employees, clients and retirement goals. Understand customer education, expectations and satisfaction. Eat that frog! 63 minutes.

Episode the Second

Business plans. Cost-effective marketing. Websites. Client satisfaction. 65 minutes.

Episode the Third

Master two keys to business success: Employees and insurance. Recruiting and retaining employees. Motivation. Understanding insurance. Taming Workers Comp. 62 minutes.

Episode the Fourth

Money. Other people’s money. Bidding. 60 minutes.

Episode the Fifth

Bidding. Getting the job. Running the job. Billing. 68 minutes.

Episode the Sixth

LMN. Develop pricing habits that pay off — don’t let mistakes hurt your profits! 68 minutes.