Go iLawn

Thousands of contractors across the nation have used Go iLawn to become more efficient during the bidding process or for water budgeting. Their goal is to create a high level of productivity for your staff as you market, bid and win more business.


How it Works

Go iLawn combines high resolution aerial photography and measuring tools. Users type in an address, business name or street intersection and arrive at a property photo. A point-and-click tool set is designed to help users quickly measure outdoor surfaces. Upon completion, information can be saved to a local computer for future viewing.


The Go iLawn Difference:

  • Unique point-and-click measuring tools offer unmatched accuracy.
  • Viewable property boundaries clearly define areas of interest. It has a database with over 150 million parcel boundaries.
  • A measurement grouping feature categorizes measurements by surface type: turf, mulch, edges, concrete, asphalt and sidewalks, for quick inventory.
  • Site diagrams are easily generated for client evaluation and operations fulfillment.
  • Measurements can be saved to Excel and photos as JPEG files for future viewing.


Get Started For Free

CLCA members can go to: www.goilawn.com/CLCA and use code 17CLCA.
Enter your contact information and you will receive 10 free address searches.


Discounted Pricing

To purchase address transactions for 10 percent off, visit the partner page: www.goilawn.com/CLCA