Leadership Conference Technical Support

To maximize your viewing pleasure of CLCA’s 2021 Leadership Conference, your technical support staff recommends reviewing the following information on the correct login URL, hiding non-video participants and changing your name:

Use the correct Wednesday Login

On Wednesday, click here.

Hide Non-Video Participants

  • Quit out of your current meeting and exit/quit the Zoom application (not just minimize)
  • Open your Zoom application
  • Click your initials to access your account information (red arrow, top picture)
  • Click Settings (blue arrow, top picture)
  • In Settings, click Video (red arrow, bottom picture)
  • Check Hide non-video participants (blue arrow, bottom picture)
  • You may also want to check Always display participant name on their video

Check Your Name

To facilitate networking, please set your username as your first and last name, followed by a comma and your chapter or role in CLCA.
  • BAD USERNAME: Neon-Gardener
  • GOOD USERNAME: Joe Bogus
  • BETTER USERNAME: Joe Bogus, Friend of Paul
  • BEST USERNAME: Joe Bogus, Greater Browns Valley Metropolitan Region Chapter
Instructions on how to change your name in Zoom