Air Resources Board: Know Your Clean-Air Requirements

skid steer loader Did you know that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has requirements for your commercial trucks and self-propelled off-road vehicles with diesel engines? There’s also regulations for large spark-ignition engines, limits on how long a vehicle can idle and sales disclosure requirements to inform the buyer that the vehicle is subject to CARB regulations.

Failure to heed these requirements could result in significant fines and penalties. Here’s what you need to know to stay in compliance.

Off-Road Diesel Vehicles

Fleets of off-road, self-propelled diesel vehicles 25 horsepower or greater must comply with emissions performance requirements.

  • Each year, your off-road fleet must get gradually cleaner, either by replacing or retiring vehicles, or using exhaust retrofits.
  • Emissions performance requirements are now mandated for small fleets (less than 2,500 hp).
  • Large and medium fleets can legally add only vehicles with Tier 3 or cleaner engines to their fleet. Small fleets can legally add only vehicles with Tier 2 or cleaner engines to their fleet.
  • All vehicles need to be labeled and reported; you need to update and confirm your reporting annually.

Large Spark-Ignition Engines

  • Large spark-ignition (LSI) engines in equipment such as forklifts are subject to CARB regulation. LSI engines are 25 horsepower or greater, and greater than 1.0 liter displacement.
  • Fleets of four or more of this type of equipment must comply with emission performance requirements.

Learn more about your specific requirements and emissions performance dates by visiting The Off-Road Zone website, emailing or calling the DOORS hotline at (877) 59-DOORS.

Take a few minutes to make sure your vehicles and equipment not only meet your high standards, but that they also comply with clean air laws.

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