Oct. 10: Time Management Webinar

Looking to grow your business? Learn with CLCA and gain the information you need to connect with success.

Time Management: The SMART Goals Way

3-4 p.m., October 10
$25 member/$50 non-member

Join the experts at the California Employers Association — the voice of CLCA’s HR Hotline member benefit — for a comprehensive overview of how to effectively manage — and not waste — time.
Wasted time can be defined as “Our best and most productive work time not being focused on making money, serving customers or improving the business.” It could also be defined as not planning personal, relaxation and social events into our lives. Instead, poorly managed time silently drains away money and energy we need to run our businesses and our lives better.
We’ll cover:
    • Determining what is important today
    • How to stop procrastinating
    • Prioritizing goals to allow employees to know which are the most important to the department and organization
    • Implement accountability in coaching employee to reach set goals