Let’s Engage!

This year, 2022, seems to be going by amazingly fast. Winter has passed. Spring is in the air. Many CLCA chapters are getting back to in-person meetings, a significant step to connect newer and long-time members.

CLCA’s focus this year is engagement. We continue to implement our strategic plan, which focuses on:

  • Offering amazing events
  • Promoting business and personal development
  • Encouraging a welcoming culture, and
  • Engaging in public outreach and promoting CLCA to the public

Let us connect with one another and go beyond our comfort zone. What does that mean? It means ask, ask and ask. Ask everyone you know to come to a meeting, board or general. Ask non-members to consider being a member. Ask fellow members to become more active. CLCA is all about relationships and building leadership and trust with our members and our community.

In January, we had our Leadership Conference, virtually. It had a great turn out. Shout out the East Bay Chapter for having the most participants! Leadership is about training and reinforcing our local chapter leaders and board members. I appreciate all who came and hope that is has helped you take your first step to chapter success this year.

Another step to success is making sure that you are getting your meeting notices. Check out your chapter’s calendar! There are lots of virtual events that can add to your professional and business improvement. Many past webinars and seminars are on our state website, ready to view at your convenience. Please check them out at clca.org/calendar and clca.org/webinars.

Spring is here, and so are Beautification Awards. Get ready!

There is one meeting that I would like to share and think that many C27s would like to participate in. The San Fernando Valley Chapter is hosting a virtual meeting with the award-winning Richard Cohen. He’ll talk about Beautification Awards and how to prepare for your success. It’s March 31 at 2 p.m. Email sfvclca@gmail.com for more information or to register.

On the state level, this year the state Board of Directors is doing some heavy lifting. We are improving our membership database and program which connects with our website and all the valuable information and activities that benefits each member. We are focused on starting a membership marketing plan that targets new and old licensed professionals to increase awareness of our organization, and to invite them to join us.

The state board is here to help each chapter become successful and grow.

If you have any ideas that you think may help, I would love to hear from you. Contact me at (661) 835-9259 or via email.

Megan Rios
Rios Design Studio
CLCA 2022 President