Social Security Administration Sending More ‘No Match’ Letters This Year

Social Security cards

The Social Security Administration has been more aggressively sending notifications of employee’s information reported on the W-2 form that does not match the SSA’s records.

These communications are labeled “Request for Employee Information” or “Employer Correction Request.” In the past, the SSA issued these notices only only when multiple discrepancies were discovered. Starting with 2018 tax year, the SSA will be sending out the notices if even one of your employee’s information does not match what they have on file.

The notice clearly states that it does not imply there is any wrongdoing on the part of the employer or employee, but may just be caused by an administration error or an unregistered name change. This is a simple matter of clearing up the discrepancy on the reported information, and providing the correct information to SSA. Their letter clearly instructs and warns the employer not to react drastically in any instance, stating:

“You should not use this letter to take any adverse action against an employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against that individual, just because his or her SSN or name does not match our records. Any of those actions could, in fact, violate State or Federal law and subject you to legal consequences.”


Action Items

The SSA has provided instructions within the notice for the employer to view the names and Social Security Numbers that could not be matched on their Business Services Online website, and make any necessary corrections. They have also provided a free Social Security Number Verification Service through the BSO that allows you to verify employee’s names and SSNs in their records. Using this provided service will help to stop you from receiving these notices in the future.

To make corrections using BSO take the following steps:


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