CLCA Member Benefit Webinar: Leadership to Get Results Through Others, with Bill Schnetz

Do you have leadership questions? Business Coach Extraordinaire Bill Schnetz has leadership answers that he shares during a special CLCA Member Benefit webinar.

Q. How do you get results through others?
A. Through leadership that others want to follow.

Q. How do you acquire those leadership skills?
A. Through a personal commitment or challenge of self-improvement that focuses on transparency, accountability, ownership and resolution.

Q. What tools do you need to master to accomplish growth?
A. One-on-ones, face-to-face conversations, trust, listening, learning, knowing and understanding.

Single-handedly facing an excess of high-maintenance clients with too few workers and too many headaches? To be successful, you need the leadership skills to create a winning team. Watch this CLCA Member Benefit webinar and learn how!

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