Coronavirus and the Workplace

Published: March 24, 2020

 As the coronavirus crisis unfolds, employers have many questions regarding reducing risk, business impact, and managing employees. In this CLCA Member Advantage webinar, we’ll provide answers to questions regarding:

  • Information on the current state of coronavirus and its impact on the workplace
  • Guidance from the CDC and EEOC on coronavirus and the workplace
  • When and if you can send sick employees home
  • Asking for medical information, testing employees and handling confidential medical information
  • Whether you need to pay employees who can’t work, the use of accrued time off, and potential wage replacement benefits (SDI, PFL, UI, workers’ comp)
  • Applying mandatory or optional leave of absence policies to coronavirus illnesses (PSL, FMLA)
  • Whether to require (or offer) remote work options
  • Business disruption and the need to shut-down, furloughs and layoffs
  • How to handle business travel
  • Reducing risk in client or customer-facing positions
  • Avoiding panic, disinformation and discriminatory conduct
  • Practical steps: healthy hygiene, clean offices, good communication

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