Associate Members of the Year

Gina Stanley Named 2023 Associate Member of the Year

The California Landscape Contractors Association named Gina Stanley of CLCA Insurance Solutions its 2023 Associate Member of the Year, honoring her enthusiasm and efforts to promote the association and California’s green industry.

The award, which is given annually to an Associate Member who is involved with a significant project or accomplishment during the current year, was presented during the association’s annual Leadership Conference, which has held in San Marcos January 16-17, 2024.

While presenting the award, CLCA 2024 President Tom Sweeney, CWM, praised Gina for her dedication to the association. Quoting those who nominated her for the recognition, Tom said that fellow members have recognized Gina as “instrumental.”

“’No’ is not in her vocabulary,” Tom announced.

In her role as chapter president, Gina revitalized the Sacramento Valley chapter. The chapter was struggling, but is now on the rebound. Gina organized a large and successful golf tournament and increased board volunteerism. The board has now almost doubled in size and is becoming active again.

As one nominator shared, “Her leadership has seen results.”

In her role as a member of CLCA’s Events Committee, Gina is a dependable and consistent volunteer at conventions, assembling swag bags, handing out drink tickets, networking with members and staffing the registration table.

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