Why Become Certified

Qualified · Trusted · Recognized

Associate your company with our brand to set yourself apart in today’s competitive green industry.

Individual Benefits Of Certification

  • Validate your landscape skills, professionalism and commitment to safety.
  • Stand out from others in the company and in the industry, and create opportunities for career advancement.
  • Ability to meet minimum job requirements.
  • Persons passing a Certification Test will receive a certificate, identification card, logo items and recognition on NALP’s Honor Wall.


Employer Benefits of Certification

  • Give your company a competitive edge and the opportunity to sell more services by advertising that you have certified employees on staff.
  • Show professionalism and expertise when you display credentials in your marketing efforts with logos/decals/certificates.
  • Meet minimum job requirements in bids and RFPs that require a certified technician.
  • Your company will be listed in our “Find a company with Landscape Industry Certified Technicians” page.
Landscape Industry Certified