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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s my password?

A. Click here for your company password, or here for your personal password. Please note that passwords are case sensitive!


Q. The site is asking for my company log-in. What’s that?

A. CLCA’s contractor and associate members actually have two different accounts on clca.org.
Each company has COMPANY log in. Use this to:
Each person has a PERSON log in. Use this to:
Student and affiliate members only have a PERSON log in.

Q. My bookmarks from the old website no longer work. What’s up?

A. Delete your old bookmarks! In addition to a snazzy new design, CLCA’s new website features a number of under-the-hood enhancements to make everything much more secure. The one downside is that our old web addresses – clca.org/legal-forms-and-contracts/index.php&v=1&ml=secret-kitty-page, for example – are no longer valid. Pro tip: Any CLCA web address containing the letters PHP is defunct. Recommendation: Delete your old bookmarks and start at clca.org.

Q. The links have changed! How will I ever find anything?

A. May we recommend the convenient search tool in the upper right hand corner?
Updated March 7, 2019