Helping You Upsell Water Management

July is Smart Irrigation Month

One of the best ways to celebrate Smart Irrigation Month is to let your clients know how your expert services can save them money on their water bill.

To help you get the word out, CLCA has created customizable marketing materials to help you upsell your professional water-management services.

July is Smart Irrigation Month

Customizable Marketing Materials

Start with an attractive, fill-in-the-blank PDF that you can customize, print and distribute to clients and potential clients. It’s ideal for invoices and job bids. Added bonus: Includes an invitation to clients for a consultation on services you provide to save them water and money.

Do It Yourself?

CLCA also supports the “do it yourself” option. Use the images at left and text below and your communications skills to craft your own marketing masterpiece!

What To Include

In addition to your license number, potential highlights include:

  • Certified Water Managers on staff. Pro tip: Email for a Water Management Certification program logo to use in your marketing materials!
  • Other relevant certifications
  • Trophy Awards won for xeriscape or other water-saving awards

Sample Text To Copy and Paste

For best results, copy and paste the text below into Microsoft Word or other word processor for editing and formatting. Your company may not offer all of these services, or may offer additional water-management services, so edit as needed to demonstrate your expertise. Then, copy into the PDF template.

Our clients, on average, save $50 a month on their water bills.
Our staff of experts takes several steps on your behalf to ensure that you are using water wisely. Here are some of the water saving services we provide:
  • We provide low-water use plants best suited for the local climate.
  • We routinely “tune-up” your irrigation system to ensure that water goes only where it’s needed — and not the sidewalk.
  • We utilize proper hydrozoning (planting plants with the same water needs in the same zone).
  • We create water budgets using historical evapotranspiration records, area and plant water needs.
  • We aggressively monitor for leaks and waste and perform tune-ups as needed.
  • We efficiently schedule watering to reduce run-off and get the best “bang for the buck.”
  • We promote the usage of state-of-the-art water-saving technology, including weather-based controllers, sprinklers and nozzles, soil moisture sensors and flow sensors.
  • We install water-saving drip irrigation systems to directly and precisely apply water to plant roots — an no where else.
  • Our corporate culture emphasizes the need to save clients money by saving water.
  • We coordinate with your water district to ensure that you benefit from all available water-saving rebates.
Interested in learning more about how you can further save water?
Please schedule a free consultation.

Like Some Help?

For $100, CLCA Creative Services will do the hard part for you (and include your company logo, should you desire) and send you 100 color copies.

Prefer Email?

Members are free to use the artwork for their own online marketing campaigns. Or, for $250, CLCA Creative Services will:

  • Create a free* bulk email account for your company’s exclusive use.
  • Create two promotional water management emails customized to your company.
  • Send those emails to your list of clients (email addresses will not be shared with anyone).
  • Transfer control of the account to you for future use.

Contact Us

For more information or to sign-up, please contact CLCA Creative Services at (916) 830-2780 or

Fine print: Additional fees for accounts with more than 2,000 email addresses.