Webinar: New Drought Regulations

BONUS: Follow-up webinar with more answers to your questions posted at bottom of page.

As California’s hotter summer months approach, policymakers throughout the state are implementing water restrictions. View this free industry webinar to learn what you need to know, right now.

Recently, the State Water Resources Control Board announced a statewide ban on watering “non-functional turf” on commercial and industrial properties. In addition to the proposed statewide ban, regional water districts and municipalities are considering even stricter restrictions on water usage to commercial and residential landscapes throughout California.
Landscape and irrigation professionals need to be informed about how these new restrictions will impact their business and their ability to service their customers.
Learn how landscape and irrigation contractors can best adapt to the restrictions while continuing to manage and maintain healthy green spaces.


  • What does the statewide ban actually include?
  • What is “non-functional turf”?
  • Are there exemptions to what can and can’t be watered?
  • How can your business learn about additional regional and local water restrictions?
  • How should your business communicate with clients and work collaboratively on water restrictions and expectations of their property?
  • What incentives and rebate programs are available to assist in overall water reduction?


  • Maureen Erbeznik – Maureen Erbeznik and Associates
  • Peter Estournes, CWM, CLP, CLIA – Gardenworks Inc.
  • Warren Gorowitz, CLIA – Hunter Industries


Shortly after the webinar was broadcast, the State Water Resources Control Board posted its Water Conservation Emergency Regulation Frequently Asked Questions (ca.gov) (PDF).

Follow Up Questions Answered

We reconvened our panel of experts to address questions posed by attendees of the original webinar. 26 minutes.