LEAF Awards Scholarships

Eight Green Industry Students Receive A Total of $43,850

by Marianne Estournes
Chair, LEAF Scholarship Selection Committee

Seeking to promote and support the future of the green industry, the Landscape Educational Advancement Foundation has awarded eight scholarships totaling $43,850. The scholarships ranged from $750 to $12,000.

In 2021, LEAF’s scholarship selection committee reviewed 16 scholarship applications. Their selection criteria included career goals, outside activities, work experience, financial need, letters of recommendation and GPA in their major.

The scholarships — the the donations of CLCA members and other the green industry professionals who fund them — have a huge, positive impact.

“I admire their passion and focus and believe that these young people will be leaders in our industry.”

Marianne Estournes, LEAF Scholarship Selection Committee Chair

As we welcome in 2022, the LEAF scholarship committee would like to take a moment to introduce the scholarship recipients for 2021. The pandemic has affected the amount of applicants but the “cream” always rises to the top no matter how many applicants we receive. We are proud that we were able to help these students achieve their educational goals for this academic year.

Christopher Burroughs

Christopher is a third-year recipient. He is currently enrolled at San Diego State University after graduating from Mira Costa Community College. He is majoring in Environmental Sustainability. He was able to attend the CLCA’s 2021 convention in Hawaii in November, and many of you might have met him and heard him speak. He is a very motivated young man and began his life in horticulture as a tree trimmer. He has since created a non-profit organization named Garden 31 Community Initiative, which provide training in the basics of the landscape industry. He hopes to create green spaces in parts of cities that lack trees and flowers to provide them with beauty and hope. He is dedicated to giving back to his community by helping young men and women to have a goal to reach. He is appreciative of the support we have given him over the years.

Daniel Hurt

Danial is a LEAF recipient for the third year. He attended Mt. San Antonio College and is now at Cal Poly, Pomona, majoring in Plant Science. He is grateful for our support of him and his education. He is a veteran and suffered a traumatic brain injury in combat. Our scholarships have assisted with tuition and the extra help he has needed to study and succeed in his classes. He wants to work with the UC Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources to manage invasive insects. He plans to earn a Qualified Applicators License and work to advance the science of Integrated Pest Management, which he views as vital for contractors. He is very grateful to LEAF. He lives in Fullerton.

Archie Kendall

Archie is a first-time recipient. He is a student at UC Berkeley majoring in Conservation and Resource Studies. He wants to work with city planners to create healthier urban ecosystems. He is also interested in working as a landscape professional to promote water efficiency in the landscape. He has owned a landscape maintenance business and is committed to landscape horticulture and how that interfaces with urban settings. As an ex-Marine, he shows discipline and determination and will bring this to his desire to become a landscape contractor.

Cameron McDonald

Cameron is also a first-time LEAF recipient. He is enrolled at Cabrillo College in Aptos, majoring in Agriculture Plant Science. His goals include landscape water conservation and management. We also look forward to supporting him as his goals become more focused and he progresses in his education.

Rose Mohan

Rose is a new applicant. She attends Santa Rosa Junior College, majoring in horticulture. Her emphasis is on design and creating water-efficient landscapes using native plants. She would also like to train and manage a maintenance crew to properly maintain a landscape. Her long-term goal is to become a Landscape Architect. She is QWEL certified and excited about her prospects in the landscape industry.

Ignacio Moreno

Ignacio is a fourth-year recipient. LEAF has supported his studies at Junior College of the Desert, where he majored in Environmental Horticulture, and through his years at Cal Poly, Pomona, where he is majoring in Landscape Architecture and Plant Science. He will graduate in June, 2022. He is already a landscape contractor and has worked for his uncle’s landscape company for many years. He is a dedicated student and sees himself owning a design and install company. He is very grateful to LEAF and knows he would not have his education if we had not supported him. He hopes to attend CLCA’s 2022 convention in Indian Wells to thank everyone personally.

Manuel Peralta

Manuel is a first-time recipient. He is enrolled at Mt. San Antonio College, where he majors in Ornamental Horticulture. His intention is to get his AA and then transfer to Cal Poly to continue with his degree in Landscape Architecture. He is at the beginning of his academic journey and we are pleased to award him a scholarship and look forward to supporting him as he moves forward toward his goals.

Greg Thayer

Greg is a fifth-year scholarship recipient. He began is studies at Cuyamaca College, majoring on Ornamental Horticulture, and now is attending Cal Poly, Pomona, studying to become a Landscape Architect. He also wants to become an ISA Certified Arborist. His hope is to craft landscapes which inspire people to connect with their regional environment and support the well-being of their shared ecosystems. He is also very grateful to LEAF for the ongoing assistance we have given to him to make his education possible over the years. He lives in the San Diego region.

Thank You!

Our selection committee is very proud to have been instrumental in assisting our repeat applicants over many years and honored that LEAF has had such an impact on their educational success.
As these students graduate, we look forward to many more years of future landscape professionals who we will support and encourage.
For 2021 scholarships, we had a total of 16 applicants. We would welcome more applicants with clear goals that include becoming a C-27 contractor, but we have chosen students who will augment and assist landscape contractors in their work. We hope as the pandemic eases we will increase the number of applications to include those with C-27 aspirations.
Thank you to the Selection Committee for their continued diligence in the review and selection of our students. Thanks to all members who have contributed over the years to make LEAF possible.
Marianne Estournes
LEAF Scholarship Selection Committee
January 3, 2022