Conflict Management Webinar May 30

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Conflict Management

How to Have Fierce and Crucial Conversations

3- 4 p.m., Thursday, May 30
$25 member/$50 non-member

Workplace conflict haunts organizations every day — it leads to lost productivity, diminished morale and decreased performance.
Conflict can negatively impact your organization’s bottom line through increased employee absenteeism, decreased job performance and poor customer service. Most employees do not know they can and should be responsible for resolving their own conflicts.
This training will focus on developing skills such as active listening and non-judgmental questioning. Attendees will learn how to communicate openly and honestly, and will be given the tools to help them successfully resolve conflict situations and avoid future ones.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to assess a challenging situation and appropriate strategy
  • Understand the elements of effective communication
  • Utilize a five-step process for dealing with difficult people
  • Recognize the negative impacts of conflict
  • Navigating through tough conversations with employees
  • Conflict resolution across department team members
  • Understanding and displaying empathy

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