Leadership Training for Supervisors

Special VIP Registration Prices: $350 member / $700 non-member
One two-and-a-half-hour session per week for six weeks
All training is online

Green industry supervisors and seasoned managers looking to sharpen their leadership skills are invited to attend CLCA’s new leadership development workshops.

CLCA’s exclusive online program is interactive and participatory and will help supervisors and crew leaders gain the skills needed for success. It features 15 hours of training.

Our trainers will provide new supervisors and seasoned managers with the tools they need to be successful and impactful leaders. This is a great opportunity to educate, support and empower new supervisors.

Interested in attending the workshop? Register and place a refundable $50 deposit. You will be contacted to identify workshop dates and times agreeable to your schedule.

“Great leadership is essential to growing your business. Great leaders don’t just inspire their teams to work harder and achieve more. They also create a positive work culture that fosters growth and development. Moreover, great leadership could potentially double your business’s profits.”

– Justin Goodbread, CFP, WealthSource Partners, LLC

Why Do You Need Leadership Training?

  • To better manage the conditions that drive team performance
  • To coach employees and share feedback in ways that enable them to develop and deliver
  • To understand your motivational drivers, emotional intelligence and communication methods to establish a personal leadership style that will serve as a framework for success
  • To apply or adapt your leadership style to meet specific challenges

Course Highlights

  • Features knowledgeable trainers with real-world experience
  • Course materials are practical and feature information you will refer to again and again
  • Includes comprehensive and handy California HR “cheat sheet reference guide”

Who Should Attend

  • Supervisors who are newly hired or recently promoted
  • Experienced supervisors who would like to improve their leadership qualities.

The course curriculum covers everything a supervisor should know to be successful

  • Know Your Organization and Your Role as a Leader
  • Strengthsfinder Assessment
  • Communicate Effectively/Manage Conflict
  • Performance Management/Leading Change
  • Coach for Results/Delegate and Empower
  • Creating a More Inclusive Work Culture/ Review

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This workshop and other CLCA efforts to promote green industry professionalism made possible thanks to the generous support of CLCA Insurance Solutions.