Volunteer & Sharpen Your Leadership Skills

Sharpen your leadership skills by volunteering with CLCA

Volunteer with CLCA and become a better leader. Serving on a board or committee at the chapter or state level is a great opportunity to develop your leadership ability.

Gain contacts and different skill sets in decision making, governance, group process, financial management and more.

The experience you acquire can be applied in many aspects of your professional life — no matter where you are in your career!

To volunteer, please contact CLCA HQ at (916) 830-2780 or complete this interest form.

“Successful leaders must be able to communicate, motivate, and work toward a shared goal in an environment of mutual respect and shared planning with a diverse group of people. Volunteering offers an excellent opportunity to develop these interpersonal skills.”
From Developing Leadership Skills Through Skill-Based Volunteering, by Rob Denton, Anthony Notle



“Volunteering takes you outside of your comfort zone, giving you an opportunity to work with new challenges, people, politics and interpersonal dynamics. Volunteering offers new perspective on priorities. Hanging out with people with different life experiences encourages you to tackle challenges from different angles.”
— Karin Hurt, Lead Change